Monongalia County Beekeepers Association

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Organization Links

West Virginia Beekeepers Associations

Backyard Beekeepers Association


The National Honey Board (NHB)

America Honey Producers Association (AHPA)

Mid Ohio Valley Beekeepers' Association

Morgantown Farmers’ Market

Information Links

WV Department of Agriculture

Numerous sources of information especially for marketing your honey. You can even download the West Virginia Beekeeper’s Guide, a 50 page information source in PDF format for free from here.


Mite Control in Honey Bee Hives With Essential Oils & Formic Acid Fumigation

The web page of our own Dr. James Amrine, professor of entomology and acarology, full of information and videos.


PennState College of Agricultural Science

Another good source including the 102 page PDF document entitled Beekeeping Basics can be downloaded for free here.


WV Floral Sources


For video links check out the Beginner’s Page too.


Supplier Links


Pappy’s Bees & WVHP Supply

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(304) 452-8508

(304) 406-2308

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Brushy Mountain


Walter T. Kelly Company

Mann Lake LTD.