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Last updated 01/09/2016

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January 2016 Update


Time for an update for the new year. It has been an interesting week weather-wise. The temperature was in the upper teens as I walked to work at the beginning of the week, but it was up to 55 degrees today. I have a letter from our president below which will address this further. Happy New Year all.


“Greeting to all.


I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday season.


I would like to say how enjoyable the year 2015 was , sharing our beekeeping knowledge and bee adventures during roundtable discussion and snack and yak afterwards. It was another challenging year! Fighting the mites, mid-summer with about a month and a half of rain and ending with a winter so warm you would think spring came 4-5 months early.  We have had some flowers and trees blooming since before Christmas Time.  With the bees flying in warm weather and having not much to forage you may want to be prepared for emergency feeding in February and March.


As always wintertime is a good time to prepare for the upcoming bee season. You can be sorting out your boxes and frames, getting your new foundation on and ordering the supplies you will need to be using soon. You should be making sure the bees have good upper ventilation as always and checking for dead outs on warmer days.  You can also be catching up on all the bee articles you didn’t have time to read in the summer.


Congratulations to our local member Paul Cappas on his new adventure as the President of the West Virginia Beekeepers Association.  Best of luck to you.

The WVBA is preparing to provide assistance with Queen rearing and a new education committee is forming to help beekeepers.


We will be having a beginner class on Saturday April 9, 2016.  Fliers will be Available online at and the County Extension Office.


Just a reminder;  our monthly meeting will continue this year as the first Tuesday of each month at the Mon. Co. Extension Office in Westover @ 7pm.


Mark Becilla,


President of  MCBA “


You can find more information about the beginner class on our Events Page or by downloading the flyer here